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Hulu Desktop is the eponymous services' desktop application
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Hulu Desktop is the eponymous services' desktop application for Windows (there are versions for Linux and Mac OS X as well). The application allows you to watch the content available on Hulu Desktop is an ideal application for your HTPC (Home Theater PC). It supports remote controls, so you can browse your content and control playback remotely. The content can be easily sorted and it isn't really hard to get to what you want to watch. It is also very fast. I usually have problems on Hulu when I click on places that I don't intend to. Hulu Desktop prevents this by giving me support for scrolling with my remote control or the arrow keys of my keyboard.

The quality of the videos is quite good. And some content even has a high-definition version available. In some cases, Hulu Desktop shows look better than on the TV (cable). However, high-def content could still look a little better. The shows that are available on Hulu show brief descriptions that pop up, and you always see a snapshot of the show before you select it. Also, Hulu Desktop allows you to choose the quality of the content being streamed so as to avoid streaming issues. The low-quality setting will make things faster if you have a slow Internet connection. If you leave a video paused, it will fill the cache and it will play smoother after you resume playback. Hulu restricts content playback outside of the United States, so unless you can bypass that restriction Hulu Desktop will not work at all on your computer.

José Fernández
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  • Great content
  • Different quality settings
  • Buffering
  • Great menus
  • Great queue system


  • Perhaps better hotkey support for controlling video playback
  • I would love if it did without Flash on my desktop
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